At Tigard Fence Pros, we specialize in expert picket fence installation, bringing charm and security to homes across Tigard, OR. Our team ensures each fence is crafted to perfection, offering a blend of traditional aesthetics and modern durability to enhance your property’s curb appeal and safety.

What is Picket Fence Installation?

Picket fence installation in Tigard, OR, involves setting up a decorative boundary around a property using upright stakes or posts connected by two or more horizontal rails. This service provides homes with a classic, charming look while ensuring privacy and security. It’s a popular choice for enhancing curb appeal and defining property lines.


What Are the Benefits of Picket Fence Installation?

Picket fence installation offers numerous advantages to homeowners, particularly in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their property. This classic fencing option not only provides a charming, timeless look but also ensures a defined boundary for safety and privacy. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice. The versatility in design and color options allows it to complement any home style, thereby increasing the property’s curb appeal and potentially its value.

How Much Does Picket Fence Installation Cost?

The cost of installing a picket fence in Tigard, OR, can vary based on several factors including the materials chosen and the length of the fence. Tigard Fence Pros typically sees prices range from $15 to $20 per linear foot for wooden picket fences, which are a popular choice due to their classic appeal and durability.

Additional considerations that can affect the price include the height of the fence and any custom designs or finishes. For a more precise estimate, Tigard Fence Pros offers free consultations, allowing homeowners to explore various options that fit within their budget while meeting their aesthetic and functional needs.

How Does Our Picket Fence Installation Service Work?

At our Picket Fence Installation Service in Tigard, OR, we make enhancing your property simple and stress-free. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, from initial design choices to the final installation, ensuring your new fence meets your style and security needs. Trust us to provide a seamless and professional service, transforming your outdoor space with quality and precision.

Initial Consultation and Design

Our picket fence installation process begins with a comprehensive initial consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences. During this phase, we discuss various design options, materials, and layouts that best suit your property’s aesthetics and functionality. We also take precise measurements to ensure the fence not only enhances curb appeal but also fits perfectly with your landscape.

Site Preparation and Measurements

Before installing a picket fence, our team conducts a thorough site preparation and measurement process. This includes clearing the fence line of any debris, rocks, or vegetation that could hinder installation. We then carefully measure the perimeter to ensure that the fence will fit perfectly and meet all local zoning and property boundary requirements. These preliminary steps are crucial for a smooth installation process and to guarantee that the finished product not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also provides optimal functionality.

Installation of Picket Fences

We specialize in the installation of picket fences, offering a range of customizable options to fit the unique style and security needs of your home in Tigard, OR. Our team ensures that each fence is built with precision, enhancing your property’s curb appeal while providing durability and privacy.

Custom-Designed Picket Fences

We pride ourselves on leaving every job site cleaner than we found it. After installing your new fence, our team meticulously removes all construction debris, ensuring your property looks pristine. This commitment to thorough cleanup means you can enjoy your beautiful, newly fenced space immediately, without any hassle or additional cleaning.

Final Inspection and Customer Walk-through

At Tigard Fence Pros, every picket fence installation concludes with a meticulous final inspection and a comprehensive customer walk-through. This process ensures that every detail meets our high standards and your personal expectations, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with our work.

After your final inspection and walk-through, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that Tigard Fence Pros has delivered on its promise of quality and professionalism. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. Don’t settle for less when it comes to securing and beautifying your property. Contact Tigard Fence Pros today to schedule your picket fence installation and enjoy a seamless service experience from start to finish.

Our Types of Picket Fence Installation Services We Offer

At Tigard Fence Pros, we specialize in a variety of picket fence installations to enhance the beauty and security of your property. Whether you prefer the timeless charm of traditional wood, the durability of vinyl, or the modern appeal of composite materials, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality results tailored to your needs and preferences.

At Tigard Fence Pros, we specialize in crafting the timeless appeal of classic wood picket fences that effortlessly enhance the charm of any home. Our expert team in Tigard, OR, uses high-quality, durable wood designed to withstand the local climate, ensuring your fence not only looks picturesque but lasts for years. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or a more contemporary look, we tailor designs to meet your specific aesthetic and privacy needs.

At Tigard Fence Pros, we offer vinyl picket fencing that combines timeless style with the durability and low maintenance Tigard homeowners appreciate. Our vinyl fencing solutions are resistant to the Pacific Northwest’s weather, ensuring that they won’t fade, crack, or rot. Perfect for enhancing curb appeal while providing security, our expert team ensures precision installation with a focus on customer satisfaction. Transform your property with our attractive, long-lasting vinyl picket fences.

At Tigard Fence Pros, we specialize in crafting beautiful, low-maintenance composite picket fences that blend timeless aesthetics with modern technology. Perfect for Tigard’s varied climate, our fences are built to withstand the elements without fading, warping, or splintering. Choose from various styles and colors to create the ideal look for your home while enjoying durability and minimal upkeep.

At Tigard Fence Pros, we specialize in creating custom-designed picket fences that blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. Our expert team in Tigard, OR, crafts each fence from the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and style. Whether you prefer a classic white picket or a more unique design, we personalize every detail to meet your specific needs and enhance your property’s curb appeal.

At Tigard Fence Pros, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of picket fences to ensure they remain beautiful and functional. Our team in Tigard, OR, is skilled in addressing common issues such as rot, loose pickets, and peeling paint, using quality materials and precise techniques to restore your fence to its original condition.

Tigard Fence Pros offers professional picket fence installation services tailored to enhance the charm and security of your home. Our expert team works closely with you to select the perfect design and materials, ensuring a seamless and durable installation. If your picket fence needs a touch-up or you’re considering a new installation, contact Tigard Fence Pros today. Let us help you create a welcoming and secure boundary for your property.